.WEDDING. intro


Assalamualaikum. Allow me to introduce myself and the rest of my company.

We are a company which handle many things. A major part of our job scope is to create YOUR DREAM WEDDING! You name it : Pelamin, backdrops, photo-ops, buntings, banners, DECORATIONS( one of our strongest and main points in event ) and etc…

We are experienced in event companies for over 6 years which in that time our companies are experienced in handling events from big names such as Petronas, Public Bank, and many more. So we put all those experiences to good use 😀

Please mind my informal entries. I’m trying to make my blog as professional as possible, but at the same time keeping it as user-friendly as possible. Don’t want it to be boring right?ha ha ha.

Well, basically we offer a lot more services, but one of our strong points is also in the Wedding Industry. We *love* it :))  I love creating new and challenging themes for weddings, and please bare with me that we make new Pelamins or stage designs for you.

We will advise our clients so that whatever they do, they don’t OVER-DO things. So we try to make everything suits them. That’s what we’re here for !

So enough of that, i will submit more posts later on and even submit some of our design works wherever possible.

Wait again for my posts yah?



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