Event-cum-Wedding; Masriera Theme

Salam & Hello everybody!

First of all, i would like wish all Muslims Happy Ramadan and have a good fasting month.

Wow..It’s been long since i’ve updated my blog. 3-4 months? Gosh…What a bad way to drop my blog traffics 😦

Anyway, been so busy with events and weddings. Big. small weddings, you name it. Alhamdulillah Allah has graced me with jobs that i never imagined that i would even get! Syukur. And it’s also because of that, i didn’t have time to even open up my laptop and update my blog! *sigh*

Well, right now in this fasting month, i have ample time to blog. Not that i’m actually free, because there are clients who asked me for some open house events. So insyAllah we would have some open houses this month 😉

Well, back to the story. I’ll be updating a few weddings that i did these past few months (only the major ones ‘coz the small ones take more time to upload due to the many pictures of weddings ). So i’ll be only updating my blogs with the major weddings 1st then later on maybe the smaller jobs.

Here’s today’s theme: MASRIERA. Masriera is basically a Jewellery and Silversmithing company. Actually it started off with a person named Bagues Masriera, who had more than 200 years of history with jewelerry and silversmithing.

So we actually showed this concept to a client. They liked it even though they had no jewels or silver to showcase 😉 They basically just like the concept and thought ” What the hey, let’s do it !”

So this is an event-cum-wedding sort of after-party. We designed, and the client liked it!

This event was done at KLCC ballroom.

This are some of the pictures :

Entrance Arch

Above is the entrance arch. To those who know Pak Abu, well, this is basically his Props. Yes, that wedding planner has fancy and beautiful designs that i myself haven’t seen before! I was amazed that he managed to have such props for such themes. He really is good at what he does. Expensive, but worth it!

Check out the furniture from Pak Abu in the below picture :


Production was all done by us. Pak abu brought in his superb chairs and picture frame to suit in the theme! But the doors and masks and everything us was done by a SUPERB styrofoam artist. His hand skills still surprises me until today. Below are more pictures for you to browse through.

Feel free to take ideas from it. No worries. I’m always open to ideas and even spread ideas out! Do let me know what you think of the event 😉

A BIG THANKS to our decorators and suppliers for a splendid job!

Till the next post.




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