Classy Blue Wedding


Salam and good evening everyone!

Firstly, i would like to really apologizefor not updating my wedding blog for ages now! Been really busy with lots of orders for weddings up until now! Thank Allah for all of these jobs!

The second reason is that i’m in the process of moving my blog to a dedicated server. Meaning that shazammm.wordpress will be named, God willing. We at Shazam Weddings hope to entice our readers more by creating a new website, new web layouts so that it’s more user- friendly to old and new readers. We are hoping that the new website will attract more readers and hope that the existing readers will keep on being our daily readers.

Today i have the time to post on a wedding. Love the simplicity and beauty of the wedding. I would love to call it Classy Blue. The blue is just the right amount of blue washed in. Not too bright not too dark. Just nice.

Below are the pictures. See you next time and enjoy.









P/s : posting this post using a tab. Hope this will give me more time to update my blog. And hope im publishing this right.

Breaking fast @ AlKhidmah Gombak


Hye and salam to all!

Actually i was supposed to post this article yesterday, but under the circumstances that my handphone was running low on battery, had to postpone it to today( i’m blogging straight from my handphone ). 20110814-061214.jpg
So i’m just giving my input on the buffet that i had yesterday @ Alkhidmah, in jalan Greenwood, Gombak. The traffic was of course was terrible( as usual ), but took the Duke highway.

Now on to the menu: there were lots of choices available, ranging from meat to fish from all sort of varieties. We had a special invitation from the owners of the restaurant to have a special food testing session.

The restaurant will be actually be available for weddings soon. Maybe next month. The place is still under renovation to cater for more than 1000 people. Right now it’s still for 500 max.

So that’s another venue idea, people. The food is marvelous. No worries.

I’ll be blogging in a while. See ya.









23 & 24 July 2011- Sime Darby Property,Launch Of Primo : Bali + Zen

Salam & hye to all!

Today’s post is going to be a good one.

Shazam Weddings had this big opportunity to handle the decorations for Sime Darby Property, the property launch of Primo property.

Primo is a property developed by Sime Darby Property in Bukit Jelutong. It’s basically a 3 storey, very posh and exclusive household bungalows, around 8000sf of area and build-up of about 3000sf.

The concept is almost to garden + Bali concept. The modern and wood textures are placed to compliment the garden concept. Very nice indeed. A tad expensive, but very nice from the outside.

It was a 2-day job that involves famous cook Chef Wan(who was here to talk about how to cater and entertain for welcoming guests) & famous investor Azizi Ali( for property investment,of course ). Had time to have a fun chat with Chef wan though 😉

The job was given to us at a last minute emergency. Luckily we had a few decors left due to the other decors were already used for other functions.

We did some last minute adjustments on the decors. We had absolutely no time to buy fresh flowers ( usually i would buy them a day early ), because we only had 1 hour to set everything up.

Given the Bali concept, we used garden decors and flowers taken from their own front yard to jive with the theme. Some pebbles to compliment the centrepieces and voila, cute little ‘Zen Bali’ centrepieces has been created. Not bad for a 45-minute job given the circumstances that time was against us.

Extras that were provided.

Food & Beverage were from Eden Catering. They had such lovely Samosas. They might have not superb dishes, but their finger food is always their forte. One of the best i ever tasted.

Well, that’s it for today 😉

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. Be seeing you later 😉


Event-cum-Wedding; Masriera Theme

Salam & Hello everybody!

First of all, i would like wish all Muslims Happy Ramadan and have a good fasting month.

Wow..It’s been long since i’ve updated my blog. 3-4 months? Gosh…What a bad way to drop my blog traffics 😦

Anyway, been so busy with events and weddings. Big. small weddings, you name it. Alhamdulillah Allah has graced me with jobs that i never imagined that i would even get! Syukur. And it’s also because of that, i didn’t have time to even open up my laptop and update my blog! *sigh*

Well, right now in this fasting month, i have ample time to blog. Not that i’m actually free, because there are clients who asked me for some open house events. So insyAllah we would have some open houses this month 😉


Wedding Tips

Hye and salam,

It’s been a while. Back to blogging again. Been going through the web and was doing some researching on Weddings. I stumbled upon this great website called , providing some great tips and inputs on your wedding day! Here are some tips given on that website :

He has proposed and you have said “YES!” So what’s next? You have decided to have an engagement party and perhaps a wedding one year down the road…maybe even sooner.

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