Breaking fast @ AlKhidmah Gombak


Hye and salam to all!

Actually i was supposed to post this article yesterday, but under the circumstances that my handphone was running low on battery, had to postpone it to today( i’m blogging straight from my handphone ). 20110814-061214.jpg
So i’m just giving my input on the buffet that i had yesterday @ Alkhidmah, in jalan Greenwood, Gombak. The traffic was of course was terrible( as usual ), but took the Duke highway.

Now on to the menu: there were lots of choices available, ranging from meat to fish from all sort of varieties. We had a special invitation from the owners of the restaurant to have a special food testing session.

The restaurant will be actually be available for weddings soon. Maybe next month. The place is still under renovation to cater for more than 1000 people. Right now it’s still for 500 max.

So that’s another venue idea, people. The food is marvelous. No worries.

I’ll be blogging in a while. See ya.










Breaking fast @ Dapur Penyek!


Today, im breaking my fast @ Dapur Penyek in Maju Junction.

Ayam penyek is an indonesian delicacy. Where the ayam penyek is cooked in spices and so forth. Then when fried, the chicken will be ‘ squashed ‘ , thus the name Penyek, then served.

This is my 1st time eating here. So crossing my fingers 😉

Will post more photos after breaking fast. See ya



Maju junction


Finally, after all that honking and waiting in the jam, we’ve finally arrived in Maju Junction where we i originally planned to go in the first place!

Haven’t been here for a while. Maybe 2 years? But safely i can tell you that it’s not what it used to be.

It’s so empty and ‘ lonely ‘. Food court mostly closed and to be frank, i think the whole place has the potential to closd down!

Despite that, this place still has lots of spirit. For instance, the still have Hari Raya sales going on and the place is still full of hawkers selling Hari Raya apparels. Not only that, they have a Hari Raya show going on 😉

So keep the spirit up, and happy shopping people!





Kuala Lumpur: Updates


Latest updates in KL: Jam.

Well. Wanted to go to Maju Junction, but it turns out that to go to Maju Junction, had to go through this jungle of jam!

But i guess that’s the fun of Ramadhan & Syawal. Jam comes with the package, i guess.

Breaking fast @ Nandos @ Pavilion


Breaking fast at nandos, pavilion! Can’t believe that nandos are taking reservations 😉
This is what ramadhan is all about! It’s all about being humble. Syukur that Allah has blessed us in so many ways so that we don’t starve. Alhamdulillah.

Pray and thank God for all the good things that we received.
To all my friends and readers out there, selamat berbuka puasa, and see ya 😉



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