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( This blog is in Dual-Language; Malay and English. After each English Translation there will me a Malay Translation.
Blog ini telah diubahsuai menjadi Dwi-Bahasa. Bahasa Inggeris dan juga Bahasa Melayu. Selepas setiap perenggan Inggeris, BMnya akan menyusul. ) ALL WEDDING PICTURES & DECORATIONS POSTED HERE ARE ALL OUR PICTURES OF PAST EVENTS EXECUTED BY SHAZAM WEDDINGS!


Hye there!

It’s been a while since i last updated my blog. Been so busy with weddings here and there. There are so many reservations, but we still do a BANG of a job for our clients despite the many reservations, and YES, we do not know the meaning of the word tiresome!

As i was saying, i usually post my new wedding event pictures after i post old event pictures.

Here at Shazam Weddings, we give our best services to our clients 24/7. So we’re available for all our clients all the time, anytime despite our full schedule. We can alter our settings, packages and designs to suit your taste or you can just choose the designs from our database.Pick, choose or mix and match, your choice. We will however give you the best consultancy so that you as our client will feel more relaxed and at ease.

A bit tight on money? Well, isn’t everybody? Don’t worry, we’ll meet, sit down and discuss on what ideas you want to implement on your wedding. We at Shazam Weddings will try our best to meet your demands and try to get as close as possible to meet your expectations. Don’t worry, we also meet our clients tight budget expectations, so you can rely and put your hopes on us!

A general reminder : All pictures posted here are samples of our work and services that we can do and have done. All wedding pictures are from our past wedding events that we have successfully completed! So feel free to eye around the blog and if you like what you see, then don’t hesitate to call us or SMS us.

Remember, we are available for you 24/7- so you can call and sms us anytime, even if it’s 3am in the morning! Please don’t let that ‘ calling-people-late-is-rude’ manner get in your way. Don’t worry, we will pick up your call, and reply to your sms’ anytime of the day!

Sekian lama baru saya dapat kemaskinikan blog kami ini. Teramat sibuk dengan tempahan majlis perkahwinan sekarang. Banyak orang dah book awal. Walaupun banyak tempahan kami, tapi kami akan tetap memberi majlis perkahwinan terBOOM untuk klien kami, dan ya, kami memang tak kenal erti PENAT!

Anyway, biasanya saya akan post gambar-gambar majlis perkahwinan kami yang telah kami hasilkan.

Kami di Shazam Weddings akan memberi hasil yang terbaik untuk anda dan servis kami adalah 24/7 untuk anda semua. Jadi kami memang akan sentiasa ada untuk anda tak kira tempat dan masa walau kami sibuk sekalipun! Salah satu servis kami adalah kami akan sentiasa memberi servis dan kualiti terbaik untuk klien-klien kami! Kami boleh mengubahsuaikan rekacipta, pakej dan juga settings kami untuk memenuhi citarasa anda, atau anda boleh pilih gambar-gambar dari database kami dan pilih mana yang sesuai untuk citarasa anda, ataupun anda boleh juga pilih dan campurkan ikut anda suka!

Inginkan sebuah majlis perkahwinan impian anda tetapi bajet terhad? Di Shazam Weddings, kami akan berjumpa dengan klien, duduk dan berbincang tentang apa keinginan anda untuk majlis impian anda. Kami akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk memenuhi citarasa anda sedekat dan sebanyak mungkin untuk memenuhi citarasa anda supaya majlis impian anda menjadi kenyataan! Jangan risau, anda boleh biar kami yang memikirkan tentang masalah itu supaya anda boleh tenang dan relaks.

Satu peringatan penting : Semua gambar-gambar yang kami postkan adalah gambar kami hasil dari majlis-majlis perkahwinan yang telah berjaya kami menyempurnakan dan juga produk dan servis yang kami sediakan! Jadi sila lihat dahulu, jika anda terjumpa atau minat sesuatu, sila hubungi kami. Jika anda tak suka menghubungi, sila sms kami. Jangan risau, bila-bila masa sahaja anda boleh telefon atau sms kami.

Ingat, kami sentiasa berkhidmat untuk anda tidak kira masa! Masa kami adalah tersangat FLEKSIBEL, jadi anda boleh telefon atau sms kami walaupun pukul 3 atau 5 pagi! Salah satu servis kami adalah kami sentiasa sedia untuk anda tidak kira masa dan tempat! Jadi janganlah ragu-ragu lagi, telefon dan sms kami hari ini juga!

Call us now and get special benefits!

Shazammm Weddings Special Discount!


Kami di Shazammm ada berita baik untuk semua. Kami bukan sahaja memberikan anda majlis ikut tema impian anda pada harga yang berpatutan atau ikut bajet anda, kami juga akan memberi potongan harga untuk anda! Kepada yang cepat, hubungilah kami seepat mungkin untuk diskaun ini.

Cepat, tawaran adalah terhad. Kepada anda yang betul-betul ikut tight budget, kami adalah pilihan terbaik anda kerana kami akan membuat majlis mengikut tema impian anda sebaik mungkin!

Jadi cepat…hubungi kami di bawah :

Riza Amrou : 012 772 1070

Khairulail : 012 779 0522

Png Kim Chun : 012 675 0162 ( just in case tak dapat hubungi antara 2 nombor di atas. )

Testimonial :

” mmg best…i give a 5stars credit 2 amrou…amrou is a gud n experienced event planner wif full of passionate n professional…he done great jobs managing a lot of events!!4 those yg masih t’cari2 n m’hrpkn kesempurnaan on their Big Days, amrou akn bantu anda utk sempurnakn hari anda dgn memastikan kelancarn from A-Z =) “-Sara Maya.

[ English Translation ]

Hye there.

Shzammm Weddings are giving our customers a special offer! We’re giving a special discount to those who takes us to be their wedding or event planner! Hurry. Offer is for limited time only.

We’re not only giving our customers a wedding or event according to their dream theme based on their budget, but we’ll give you a special package to those who are on a really tight budget. We’ll even adjust the package accordingly to suit your budget. We’ll make it the best wedding of your dreams!

So call us now on the number given above ( malay translation ). Trust us to be your planner. With your trust, we’ll transform that into the best reception ever!

AIA Event pictures uploaded!


Assalammualaikum kepada semua.

Akhirnya berjaya juga aku menguploadkan gambar-gambar ni. I guess ada masalah kat area rumah aku kot. So basically bila keluar je dari rumah, semua berjalan lancar. hehehe.

Back to the topic in hand, ni gambar-gambar event semalam aku janji nak uploadkan.


[ English Translation ]

Finally i managed to upload the pictures today! I had to get out of the house, only then i managed to do so. I guess something technically must be wrong in my area.
Back to the topic in hand, just want to say enjoy these pictures i took just for you guys 😉



( Please take note that i am writing this post in dual languages: Malay & English. I want to see the responses from readers wether doing dual languages is appropriate or not. Please comment wether i should keep doing this or stick to only one language, or should i write English 1st then Malay? )

As i mentioned in my previous posts before, one of my main favourites while working with other people were doing events. Oh my those were the days!

Sepertimana yang saya pernah sebutkan dalam posts2 saya sebelum ni, salah satu kerja kegemaran saya adalah membuat event. Oh memang kenangan betul la zaman tu.

Working for event companies was a nightmare of course : with all those restless days, overtime( which are not PAID! ) , the lack of time for yourself, no rests and other nightmares that i wouldn’t want to remember!

Bekerja dengan syarikat2 event ni memang la mimpi ngeri : tidur tak cukup, OT selalu ( syarikat event ni mmg takder pun bayar OT ), takder masa kualiti untuk diri, rehat takder and banyak lagi neraka! Tak nak la aku nak ingat balik. hehehhe.

Well, that’s what working for event management companies do to you i guess. And with the rate of Event Management Companies appearing like mushrooms, i guess the competition is HOT right now, not like in those days,huh?

Tapi nak buat cmane, namapun syarikat Event. Tapi pengalamanyer…pergghhh! Memang BEST! Guaranteed! Dan tambah pulak, zaman sekarang ni, syarikat2 event ni tumbuh macam cendawan, lagi la tambah saingan, tak macam dulu. Siapa bukak syarikat event time dulu tu, memang masyuk ar sekarang!

Event planning is not that hard. You just have to manage well with the clients. Some treat you like dirt, and some ok ( if you’re lucky enough . I guess ass kissing for some people is just normal. You just have to do everything to get a job nowadays. It’s that HARD!

Tapi event ni bukan susah sebenarnyer. Kena pandai jaga hati client. Memang la kengkadang tu kene tiaw, tapi tahan je la. Semua tu rezeki tu. Takder client, sendiri mau ingat la, betul tak? hehehehe. Zaman sekarang ni nak carik rezeki or kerja memang susah, tapi kita kenalah berusaha lagi keras!

There are a lot of events happening nowadays wether in KL or outside! The point is, even though Event Companies in Malaysia are growing rapidly, i guess work is everywhere! Just have to look at the right places.

Sekarang ni, tidak kira masa atau tempat, melambak orang cari event company ni nak buat event! Pendek kata, memang laku la. Tapi sendiri mau pikir la. Nak carik kerja, kenala berusaha. Rezeki tu bukan datang bergolek!

Enough of my experiences, let’s get back to the topic in hand! I just came back from an event setup at Hotel Nikko. What bad luck, i forgot to bring the camera. We’re doing an event there, for a local company called KWAP- Kumpulan Wang Persaraan. A small event but with a nice cozy touch. The backdrop was originaly started by me, then continued by my good friend because i was away that time. Well, i guess i have to upload pictures later then.

The backdrop was a 3 side by side panels, on which the side panels are slanted towards inside. So it looks like there’s an enclosure.

The clients were impressed as they RARELY do events. The backdrop was a nice touch with LED lighting shooting on the backdrop.

Oh yeah, the event was about the revamping of their new website.

Well, i guess that’s it for this late hour. Will keep you guys updated soon. Will upload pictures of the event too.


Cukup la tu! Balik semula pada topik! Ralik pulak bercerita. Tadi aku pergi Hotel Nikko kat KL nun, sebelah Citibank tu. Ada setup untuk event esok nie. Tapi malang tak berbau, lupa pulak bawak kamera! ciss! Kalau bawak, boleh tangkap gambar tadi. So aku leh upload cepat2. Ni kena tunggu la nie. Takpela, aku boleh upload kemudian.
Event ni untuk KWAP-Kumpulan Wang Persaraan. Simple je event ni, tapi memang cozy and selesa sangat bila semua dah siap. MEmang nampak cantik la. Backdrop dia asalnya aku yang mulakan, tapi kemudiannya dihabiskan oleh member baik aku. Memang nampak cun abis la! Khairulail, ko memang gempak!
Client siap puji2 lagi the whole setting semua. Diorang jarang buat event katanya. So time camni la terbaik untuk sedap2kan hati client lagi betul tak? he he he.
Backdrop dia simple je. Ada 3 Panel, Panel tepi tu dia senget sikit ke dalam, so that nampak macam sayap la. Bila lampu LED tu kena dekat backdrop tu, memang client suka habis. Memang cun!
Oh ya, lupa nak bagitaw, yang event ni untuk Launch website baru diorang.
Jadi, itu sahajalah untuk pagi2 buta nie. Nantikan lagi posts2 baru dari aku ya? Subscribe je kat Blog nie senang korang updated.Nanti aku uploadkan gambar event ni ek?


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