Classy Blue Wedding


Salam and good evening everyone!

Firstly, i would like to really apologizefor not updating my wedding blog for ages now! Been really busy with lots of orders for weddings up until now! Thank Allah for all of these jobs!

The second reason is that i’m in the process of moving my blog to a dedicated server. Meaning that shazammm.wordpress will be named, God willing. We at Shazam Weddings hope to entice our readers more by creating a new website, new web layouts so that it’s more user- friendly to old and new readers. We are hoping that the new website will attract more readers and hope that the existing readers will keep on being our daily readers.

Today i have the time to post on a wedding. Love the simplicity and beauty of the wedding. I would love to call it Classy Blue. The blue is just the right amount of blue washed in. Not too bright not too dark. Just nice.

Below are the pictures. See you next time and enjoy.









P/s : posting this post using a tab. Hope this will give me more time to update my blog. And hope im publishing this right.

Your Own Fairytale Wedding..


Need a wedding planned out but don’t know how to do so?

Worry about the expenditures on your FAIRYTALE WEDDING?

Want a classy, high-end and memorable wedding that you can’t afford?

[ Malay Translation ]

Anda perlukan majlis perkahwinan atau apa jua jenis majlis anda dikendalikan tetapi tidak tahu bagaimana?

Risaukan perbelanjaan untuk majlis PERKAHWINAN IMPIAN anda?

Anda inginkan sebuah majlis perkahwinan yang berklas , mewah dan diingati sampai bila-bila tetapi tidak mampu dari segi kewangan?

Well worry no more!

With the budget that you have now, we’ll do our best to make your FAIRYTALE WEDDING come true!

So worry no more, call us now to meet, sit and discuss your wedding today!

Tidak payah risau lagi!

Dengan bajet yang anda ada sekarang, kami akan buat yang terbaik untuk merealisasikan PERKAHWINAN IMPIAN anda menjadi realiti!

Jadi janganlah risau lagi, hubungi kami sekarang untuk berjumpa dan berbincang bagaimana kami boleh membantu anda!

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