Hye there!

Check out our Testimonials below from our recent satisfied and happy clients 😉

” Teramat best dan lawa majlis perkahwinan saya hari tu! Memang tak sangka yang saya akan dapat lebih dari apa yang saya sangkakan! Korang ni memang best. Bukan je dapat apa yang korang bagi, hari wedding saya hari tu memang saya terkejut sebab dapat lebih dari yang saya mintak. So thank you sooooo much for giving that extra push to make my wedding so beautiful. Memang tak sangka saya akan dapat those extra perks yang tak dibincangkan sebelum ni. Sungguh tak sangka. Memang Surprise giler.Thank you Shazam Weddings!”

~En. Hailmi Bin Rosli

Thank you so much for such a grand and beautiful night! You guys did a marvelous and superb wedding for my sister. I love what you did to the place. Loved your decorations so much! Hope to be working with you guys again in the near future. Who knows right?

~En. Rosman

Elegant and Beautiful! I only have to say those 2 words to describe how splendid and beautiful you guys are! Trust me, people, you wont regret taking them as wedding planners.

~Mrs Nina


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